The Smallest Wedding Ring of the World

For his wedding, Thorsten created two intertwined rings of deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA) and gave them to his bride. The rings were not bigger than 20 nanometers and therefore probably the smallest wedding rings of the world. „My wife is also a scientist, so she honestly appreciated this gift“, the 34-year-old chemist of the Center for Advancing Electronics Dresden (cfaed) remembers.

Thorsten has already a reputation as a world-leading expert in his specific research area – the construction of nanostructured DNA objects. Before joining cfaed, he worked for three years at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard / Boston (USA). Since 2013, he is a Research Group Leader in the Biomolecular-Assembled Circuits Path of cfaed. His research goal is utilizing DNA structures from the bottom-up fabrication of basic nano- and microscopic opto-electronic components.

Thorsten really appreciates his new hometown: „Dresden as a special hub of microelectronics is an excellent research environment.“ The scientist was born in Romania, then his family moved to Bonn where he later studied chemistry. When he was working on his PhD thesis in Frankfurt, he met his wife Diana, a Portuguese chemist whose mother originated from Angola. „We together went to Harvard and took the chance to start off our scientific careers at this reputational institution.“

After the birth of their son, the researcher couple decided to return to Europe. Thorsten declined another job offer from a university in Denmark, because his spouse was offered a job in Dresden as well.

But first of all, cfaed provides a unique interdisciplinary platform for his research with access to many experts in his scientific area. Furthermore, the Cluster also gives the perspective to apply for a full professorship after successful evalution of his work. This process which is similar to the US-American Tenure Track is a highly attractive incentive to continuously strive for best results in a young researcher’s career.


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