On the Science Road

To be part of cfaed, Meik moved from the Rhineland to Saxony. Before joining the DFG Collaborative Research Center HAEC, he was a postdoctoral researcher at RWTH Aachen University.

„In Aachen, I have also worked in a Cluster of Excellence, therefore I know the inspiring atmosphere of such a unique research institution.“

With his special knowledge in communication and information theory, Meik coordinates the design of the new wireless and optical interconnection structure within HAEC. Within cfaed, he appreciates the Cluster’s approach to interdisciplinarity. „Normally, you are enclosed in your research community. Here is so much interaction between the different faculties and institutions, between engineers and natural scientists – between researchers who would have never even spoken to each other without cfaed.“

Now, the supervisor of his PhD in Aachen who is one of cfaed’s Grand Professors is also his mentor in Dresden. These outstanding experts from Germany, Switzerland, France, USA, Canada and Israel support the young cfaed research talents in their career development.

„Science is very competitive“, Meik says. „You must always be visible with excellent results.“ But he likes the challenge. „cfaed gives me a real chance to envisage the professorship.“ Thus, he is just preparing a six-month-visit to the USA. „I am looking for a research opportunity at a renowned institution at the American West Coast.“