Silicon Saxony – Well-known in Tehran

„Dresden is really ’state of the art‘ in microelectronics“, Siavash says, an ambitious 28-year-old PhD student of computer science from Tehran. The Iranian applied for PhD positions in the USA and in Dresden. „Saxony was my favorite after the Californian Silicon Valley“, he says. „Here are so many computer companies producing top hardware. This is an optimal base for me as a software specialist.“ Siavash completed his Master of Science at the School of Computer Engineering and Distributed Systems at the Iran University of Science and Technology in Tehran.

Currently, he is writing a research proposal for his doctoral thesis in the Resilience Research Path. His supervisor is the director of the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing of Technische Universität Dresden. Since August 2013, Siavash is working here as a research associate. „The support I had before and just after my arrival in Dresden was a great help“, the young Iranian tells. „With the help of the Welcome Center of the University, I immediately found an apartment in Dresden-Neustadt – a great place to live for students.“ Now he discovers the city by bike: „I did not expect Dresden to be such a beautiful place.“ Siavash enjoys his new home town. „Even the weather is much better than I thought.“ He joined campus sport courses and will participate in German language courses sponsored by the Center for Advancing Electroncis Dresden (cfaed).

The problem of resiliency in high performance computing fascinates the young computer expert: „There is a tradeoff triangle between performance, costs and resiliency“, he says. „For future systems, we must develop additional flexible and adaptive resilience mechanism, to keep high performance computing affordable.“ All going to plan, Sivash will complete his PhD until 2017.